Eco-Friendly Sustainable Packaging

It’s exciting to see the revolution in the beauty world. Finally, there are major moves towards a more eco-friendly, sustainable packaging.
Good Morning America has spoken to leaders in the beauty industry, including Susanne Norwitz, founder of Maya Chia, Mia Davis, director of Environmental and Social Responsibility at Credo Beauty and OWA founder Kailey Bradt. They talk about waterless beauty and sustainable packaging in the beauty and wellness industry. GMA has a great article over on their website.
“Waterless beauty products that use little to no water in their formulation are a burgeoning category in beauty.” Good Morning America
We have been advocates of sustainable packaging for many years. We have been leading our clients to make better and more responsible choices. Creating eco-friendly packaging  for their products.
Now, there is a surge in creating formulations that are truly clean, truly sustainable. So it makes sense that your packaging should also be sustainable. Being leaders, being responsible, giving back to the earth.
Our client Cleo+Coco have just launched their “Zero Waste” Deodorant Bar in honor of Earth Day. It’s a revolution in deodorant and self-care.
The bar is covered in a sustainable, waste-free wax mold. The wax mold allows you to hold the deodorant in your hand.  Making applying the deodorant easy, without mess. As the Deodorant Bar begins to wear down, peel back the wax to expose and use more deodorant. The peeled wax can be recycled and absorbs back into the earth. Creating a real solution. No lingering in landfills and causing harm to the environment.
We worked closely with Cleo+Coco to design their packaging. Sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, while maintaining their gorgeous new brand aesthetics. The bar comes in a 100% organic cotton reusable bag. The perfect way to store the Deodorant Bar. The Deodorant Bar is then contained in a recyclable paperboard cylinder box. That is uncoated paper, which is easily recyclable. The design fits perfectly with the rebrand of Cleo+Coco.
If you want learn more about waterless beauty and natural ingredients, head over to Credo’s full “Dirty List” on their website.

You can see more our sustainable packaging design projects for One Seed Perfume, and Brightwood on our site. See the newly launched Cleo+Coco Zero Waste Deodorant here. We are passionate about creating sustainably conscious solutions, let us know if you have a project you would like to discuss.

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