Zero-Waste Deodorant Bar Packaging


When true entrepreneurs have a vision, it’s more often than not that they bring those visions to life. When they partner with a design team that shares that passion, great things can happen! Creating the Zero-Waste Deodorant Bar Packaging for Cleo+Coco was a challenge we were excited to accept!

Jeannie Jarnot, the Founder of BEAUTY HEROES, has written a fantastic article on Cleo+Coco’s Zero-Waste Deodorant Bar.

“Clean and green deodorants have been gaining awareness in the last several years, with a few brands, like Schmidt’s and Native, going mainstream. In fact, there has been such an influx of natural, aluminum-free deodorants in the market that brands are differentiating themselves by focusing on scent, texture and skin type. Very few are innovating their packaging, with very few zero waste options.”

That’s where we came in—already working with Cleo+Coco on transforming the look of their brand with a complete rebrand from head to toe. Suzannah proposed the challenge of how to package her new Zero-Waste product in a completely sustainable package.

The challenge was how do we package a deodorant bar, that is not housed in a plastic tube. The Zero-Waste Deodorant, has a partial wax covering, but the rest is exposed.

We proposed a reusable organic cotton bag. It can is used to store the deodorant. Keeping the bar both fresh and clean, travel-friendly, and easy to take to the gym or on an airplane. That once the deodorant bar is finished, the bag can be re-purposed over and over.

We knew that the Zero-Waste packaging had to fit well with the brand refresh. Its on-shelf presentation needed to be high end, but sustainable. We proposed a paper tube – the perfect solution, the tube can be recycled or better still re-purposed.

The paper tube was designed to reflect the mainstream deodorant range, fit with the look and feel on-shelf, but be completely sustainable. A solution that fits perfectly with the ethos of Cleo+Coco’s Zero Waste Deodorant Bar.

You can see more our sustainable packaging design projects for One Seed Perfume, and Brightwood on our site. See the newly launched Cleo+Coco Zero Waste Deodorant here. We are passionate about creating sustainably conscious solutions, let us know if you have a project you would like to discuss.

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